About Us

Camille’s Kitchen came about after I moved to Brisbane with my family and I found that cooking was a beautiful way of making a place for myself in a new life.

We started out very small, catering for lunches and parties, as well as supplying local cafes with cakes and slices. This has grown to us also catering for some of Brisbane’s more established institutions and businesses, as well as for large functions and gatherings, weddings and private intimate family parties and events.

Eating is about being together and sharing a moment. We gather together to eat, for whatever reason….from a special work lunch or a family gathering to celebrate, to a business event that showcases an organisation to its customers….food has a way of bringing us together and reflecting who we are.

Our approach is to offer our clients and customers something more than a standard ‘off the peg’ menu. We seek to understand what you are after for your gathering and represent that in how we setup a menu and cook for you. We hope to bring to your gathering something more than you expected with the food….we aim to inspire and delight.

Sarah Millar from Camille's Kitchen

My background is in Design and Architecture and my love of food and cooking comes from growing up in a big family in the countryside in Somerset, South West England, where the kitchen was the heart of our home. Here my mother and my grandmother cooked up feasts for us using the abundant vegetables, fruits and herbs that my father produced from our garden and orchard. Working in France in my late teens broadened my culinary experience and introduced me to the wonder and delight of new ingredients, tastes and styles of eating.


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